(WHTM)– Fall is nearly here, as you could maybe tell with the cooler temperatures and maybe even a Spirit Halloween store sighting here or there.

What would the fall season be without going to a corn maze or pumpkin patch farm? Pair those mazes with hayrides then, all you’re missing is that pumpkin spice latte (or apple crisp macchiato.)

There is an abundance of farms in Pennsylvania especially in the Midstate region where families can go and enjoy many fall festivities, including the corn maze.

Below are only a select number of farms that have corn mazes in the area:

Cherry Crest Farm in Lancaster County

The corn maze at this farm, located in Ronks, is five acres in size and it will take around an hour for most people to get through. To help participants navigate they are given a game board and use clues to get through.

Fields of Adventures in Adams County

Located in Aspers, this farm offers more than just a simple corn maze which is four acres and has a constantly changing theme every year. There is also outdoor bowling and a 600-foot zipline for guests to enjoy.

At the Barnyard Corn Maze in Mifflin County

In Lewistown, sits At the Barnyard Corn Maze, which usually has different themes each year although the owners don’t mind having to repeat one. In the maze, there will be items related to the theme as well as other activities.

Risser Marvel Farm Market in Lebanon County

This farm in Annville offers a corn maze on top of other fall activities for guests to enjoy. They also offer hayrides, games, and races but if you choose to do the corn maze, you will have to pay $10, but children ages three or younger are free. Those ages 14 and younger must be accompanied by an adult in the corn maze.

Maize Quest Fun Park in York County

This corn maze found in New Park has tons of fun activities for the entire family. More than 300,00 corn stalks make up the maze that is four miles of pathways. On top of that, there are more than 30 different attractions including a pumpkin patch, pumpkin express wagon, and even a bamboo maze.