(WHTM) – According to Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry, several provider companies agree to comply with state and federal disability laws which do not discriminate against people who use opioids or associated medications.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office (AG) says that a man was prescribed suboxone to treat opioid use disorder but was denied by multiple nursing home facilities even though the man had a referral by a hospital which led to the man issuing a complaint to the AG’s Office, according to a news release.

The 38 nursing homes will comply with the laws that prohibit nursing facilities from turning down patients due to their opioid use disorder (unless the user is engaged in illegal drug use,) according to the AG’s Office.

“Opioid dependency impacts every Pennsylvania community, and those receiving medication that enables recovery should not be discriminated against,” Attorney General Henry said. “September is National Recovery Month, and these settlements highlight how people in recovery deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. In fact, the law requires it.”

The AG’s Office says that the 76-year-old man who issued the complaint was prescribed morphine and became addicted which led to the man being diagnosed with Lupus.

The man battled COVID in December 2022 resulting in an infection that required him to go to the hospital, need surgery and other medical interventions.

The hospital then referred the man to nursing facilities in the Harrisburg area but none of those facilities accepted him resulting in the complaint, the release reads.

The following nursing facilities will follow the compliance commitment:

  • Spring Creek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, 1205 South 28th Street, Harrisburg, Pa.
  • 12 facilities affiliated with Priority Healthcare Group, LLC.
  • 6 facilities affiliated with Kadima Healthcare Group, Inc.
  • 6 facilities affiliated with Senior Health Care Solutions, LLC.
  • 11 facilities associated with ProMedica.
  • Londonderry Village, 1200 Grubb Road, Palmyra, Pa.
  • The Middletown Home, 999 West Harrisburg Pike, Middletown, Pa.

For the full list of nursing facilities that are complying, click here.

According to the AG’s Office, $6,000 was obtained in restitution and damages for the complainant.