Warning: The details in this story are graphic and may be disturbing for some readers

A gruesome discovery in Montgomery County leaves authorities finding a dead, dismembered couple, and their daughter arrested for their murder.

According to Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, 49-year-old Verity Beck was arrested and charged for the murders of her parents, 73-year-old Reid Beck, and 72-year-old Miriam Beck.

On Tuesday, January 17th, at around 7:27 p.m. Police were called to a Jenkintown home on the 1100 block of Beverly Road for a well-being check on the residents.

According to police, the call came from the couple’s son, Justin Beck, when he hadn’t seen or heard from his parents in over a week, which was unusual since he typically spoke to them every day.

At around 8 p.m. Justin drove past his parents’ home and observed his parents cars in the driveway and all the lights turned off inside the property. He then returned to the home once again at 9:30 p.m. to bring soup for his sister who had previously stated she wasn’t feeling well.

Justin entered the home using a key and went downstairs where he promptly observed a body covered in a blood-stained sheet.

Justin told police he noticed feet sticking out from under the sheet, and immediately assumed it was the body of his father.

Justin then went back upstairs, and made contact with Verity, who he spoke to for about 30 minutes.

During the conversation, Verity told her brother that things at home had “been bad”, and that she needed “more time” before calling police.

Verity did not immediately confirm what had happened to her parents but when Justin asked Verity if something bad had happened, she responded “yes”.

Justin told police, he was aware that his sister owned a gun, but wasn’t aware of the location or type of gun it was.

When Justin returned home, he immediately called 911.

At around 10:30 p.m. Abington Police responded to the scene attempted to make contact with Verity, who did not answer the door.

More police units arrived and secured the property.

Police officers then deployed a small robot inside the first floor of the home, and a small drone around the second floor windows to try to find Verity. Police were unable to find her.

Shortly after midnight, three officers successfully entered the home through a side door, and immediately noticed a strong odor of decomposition throughout the home.

Officers loudly identified themselves as “Abington Township Police”. At this point Verity entered into the kitchen area of the home and made contact with police.

Officer’s asked Verity where her parents were, to which she responded “they are dead”.

Verity was immediately handcuffed and removed from the property.

When crime scene detectives began processing the home they discovered a decapitated, deceased male body wrapped in a sheet.

According to the criminal complaint, detectives also found a trash bin filled filled with severed body parts inside various white trash bags.

Additionally, detectives discovered a pillow through which the gunshot was fired through, and an electric powered chainsaw which was used to severe some of the body parts.

Detectives also discovered a safe with drill marks on it, indicating that someone had tried to access the safe without a proper key or combination.

When investigators began searching Verity Beck’s bedroom, they found 3 guns with spent rounds.

Two of the guns had been registered to Verity, and the 3rd had no record of ownership.

Detectives also discovered an unread newspaper from January 7th, which was the day that Justin Beck last had voice contact with his mother, indicating the couple had likely been killed on that day.

On Wednesday, January 18th, Forensic Pathologists, examined the decapitated body wrapped inside the sheet, and were able to identify the body as 73-year-old Reid Beck.

Forensic pathologists also examined the body parts found inside the trash bin, where 8 severed body parts were located.

This examination led to the identification of 72-year-old Miriam Beck.

Both autopsies revealed that the cause of death for both Reid and Miriam Beck was a single gunshot wound to the head.

Verity Beck was arrested and charged with first-degree and third-degree murder, which makes her ineligible for bail in Montgomery County. She is currently being held at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. 

Residents in the community knew Miriam Beck very well as she a school nurse at Lower Moreland High School from 1998 to 2018.

An investigation is still ongoing, and this time police have not released a motive for the killings.