HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Since 1906, the Pennsylvania state capitol’s iconic green tile lay high above the streets of Harrisburg. But a new splash of green can be seen hanging from Lieutenant-Governor John Fetterman’s balcony. A marijuana flag.

“I use it as a platform to promote things I believe Pennsylvania should promote and ultimately adopt,” said Fetterman.

Just like, booze, cigarettes, prescription drugs and gambling, recreational marijuana could create additional tax revenue for the state.

“The vice if you want to call it that should serve the public good and allow that revenue to collectively support us all,” Fetterman added.

But resistance grew, including lawmakers who slipped a provision into lame-duck budget legislation Friday, banning flags not approved by lawmakers from flying at the state Capitol.

Other Twitter users praised the demonstration, writing “Fetterman 2024.”

While Fetterman said he has no intention of waving the white flag to lawmakers, he’ll continue to push until his green new deal is passed.