HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Governor Tom Wolf commemorated the five-year anniversary of Act 16 of 2016 which established the medical marijuana program in the commonwealth.

The act allows medical marijuana organizations to grow, process or dispense medical marijuana to patients suffering from serious medical conditions.

“On the five-year anniversary of the creation of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program, we continue to forge ahead in getting medicine to those with serious medical conditions,” Gov. Wolf said. “The work that the Department of Health does to ensure that products are available and that patients are able to receive medicine as seamlessly as possible, particularly during the pandemic, is exemplary.”

The Department of Health reported all of the 114 operational dispensaries are open and dispensing products to patients with one of the 23 serious medical conditions eligible for use of medical marijuana products.

“In addition to the well-run medical marijuana program, the department is very proud of its unique and first-of-its-kind medical marijuana research program,” said Acting Sec. of Health Alison Beam. “It is clear that the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program is among the most successful programs across the country.”

The clinical research program allows for eight clinical registrants who each must hold both a grower/processor and a dispensary permit and must have a research contract with one of eight approved academic clinical research centers.

The commemoration comes days ahead of April 20, recognized widely as a cannabis-oriented celebration that takes place annually.

“From before I signed the Act, the state’s medical marijuana program’s success has been a tribute to the support received from patients and caregivers,” Gov. Wolf said. “The dedication from patients and caregivers in offering guidance and support is a testament to the value of this significant program.”