Governor Josh Shapiro and Pennsylvania agriculture secretary Russell Redding…visited flinch Baugh’s orchard & farm market in York county.

They wanted to highlight the importance of agriculture to our state– and Shapiro’s push to invest even *more in Pennsylvania’s farms in his budget proposal.

“I believe as our agriculture sector goes so goes the economy Pennsylvania that has not always been the attitude in the governor’s office but it is my view that AG has to be thought about the standpoint of how we grow our economy we create jobs,” said Josh Shapiro, Governor of Pennsylvania.

According to the Shapiro administration, agriculture contributes $132 ***billion dollars each year to Pennsylvania’s economy, The governor’s budget proposal includes funding for a new organic center of excellence to help the industry evolve across the state.

“Future in the state is is you know contingent upon what we do in agriculture and rural communities we want to use age to unite our communities both urban and rural areas,”

For Governor Shapiro, the visit to Flinchbaugh farms was more than just a tour of the land– he says it was a reminder of what farms *really are.

“What we see behind us here this is economic development this is economic progress that’s a different mindset than what exists in a lot of different places in this Commonwealth we’ve got leaders in the local tech sector here we have to bring our economy all together through that we’ll be able to grow and expand and it starts on farms like flinchbaugh right here,” said Shapiro

Michael Flinchbaugh couldn’t agree more.

“We’ve you know strive to grow our business to provide to be involved in the community to provide them with food and also to provide them with interaction with agriculture a lot of people don’t know how their fruits produce nowadays where it comes from so that’s been very important to us,” Michael Flinchbaugh, owner of Flinch Baugh Orchard and Farm Market.