PENNSYLVANIA, (WHTM) — You have probably heard over the last month or two that Pennsylvania is in a state of drought. But, with the heavy rains over the last few weeks, is the commonwealth still very dry?

According to, most of Pennsylvania is not in drought conditions as of Monday, May 8.

You can see in the images below, that during the week of April 25, a good portion of the state was abnormally dry, which is highlighted in yellow. and some counties, including Lancaster Adams, York, Dauphin, and Lebanon were all in a moderate drought which is shaded in brown.

Now, as of Tuesday, May 2, you can see that only small portions of the state are abnormally dry, with no counties under any moderate drought.

According to drought. gov, some areas of the state have seen enough rain to cause a change in the drought conditions, which can be seen below. Also, you can see by the 1-month drought outlook map, that any sort of dry conditions in the Midstate and surrounding areas are expected to end within one month of the date the map was published.

Portions of the state can still use a little more rain to eradicate any dry conditions. But, the good news is that the state is slowly getting out of the drought we have seen in April 2023.

According to the abc27 weather team, as of Monday, May 8 we are still 2.3 inches down from the amount of rain we should be for this time of year, so a little more rain wouldn’t hurt!