(WHTM) — Currently, Pennsylvania is in a code red for air quality due to the wildfires burning in Canada, so how can people protect themselves from the harmful fumes?

It is recommended by the National Weather Service (NWS) for folks to stay inside, especially those with compromised immune systems, seniors, or children, during an air quality alert.

The code red air quality alert means the air may be harmful to breathe because it contains unhealthy air pollution concentrations, according to the NWS. The code was issued Wednesday by the Department of Environmental Protection.

The NWS also recommends that if they issue an air quality alert, if people need to go outside, they then should limit how long they are out. People should try not to use anything that could give off pollution like cars, gas-powered lawnmowers, and other vehicles.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health also gave tips to help keep the pollution lower indoors:

  • Don’t use candles or smoke indoors.
  • Keep windows and doors closed.
  • If you have an air filter in your home, now is a good time to use it.
  • Clean or replace filters according to manufacturer recommendations.

“Many of us really enjoy spending time outside, however, while the smoke from Canadian wildfires is affecting our air quality, we need to consider moving physical activities indoors or rescheduling them,” Acting Secretary of Health Dr. Debra Bogen said. “For the next day or two, I encourage people to limit time outside, especially if you are sensitive to poor air quality.”

Air quality in Pennsylvania is expected to improve by Friday.