CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Just hours before the region was hit with a wintery mix on Tuesday, a Tesla caught fire on Interstate 80 in Clearfield County.

According to state police, a Tesla, the most popular brand of electric vehicles, was traveling west on I-80 when it caught fire. One lane along mile marker 137 westbound was restricted for some time as crews were putting out the fire.

The couple, Michelle and Bob, were driving their Tesla Model S on a road trip to Yarmouth, Massachusetts to visit a relative. They had just brought the car home last Monday. According to the couple’s daughter, a large piece of debris was in the middle of the road and they were unable to avoid it.

Once the debris went underneath the car it started to smoke. After they pulled over and got out of the car, it immediately caught fire. The couple and their dog, Coco, are safe and were uninjured.

Morris Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 responded to the fire to assist the Winburne Fire Company.

Crews spent nearly two hours and approximately 12,000 gallons of water to extinguish the blaze due to the vehicle’s lithium-ion battery which continued to reignite.

This vehicle burnt so hot and long that if it was not for the rims you might not even of know it was a vehicle.

Morris Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 Facebook

Columbia Volunteer Fire Company was also at the scene and said they believe this was the first reported Tesla fire in the area.

This is the first known Tesla Fire in this area to our knowledge. Training and pre planning for an incident like this is key. Today that knowledge was put to the task, and the incident operated smoothly. Was a great learning experience for all, especially as the car industry progresses as we see it today.

Columbia Volunteer Fire Company Facebook

Tesla has made some headlines lately with various recalls over the past year, but none for batteries, although it’s unknown if that’s the reason for this fire.