INDIANA, Pa. (AP) – A state prison inmate is charged with the attempted murder of two Pennsylvania state police troopers while trying to escape the prison.

Simere Alford, 20, tried to take over a state police car near the entrance to Pine Grove state prison in White Township, a plan to drive back home to Philadelphia.

Authorities say Alford broke free from a leather transport belt, while still in handcuffs, and made his move against the troopers, grabbing one of the trooper’s guns and fired two shots before the vehicle crashed.

The crash injured both troopers along with Alford, who have all since then recovered.

Indiana Gazette reports that Alford states he had attempted to take the gun and shoot one the officers in the leg and was not intended to be a deadly shot.

Alford faces numerous counts, including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and aggravated assault. He has said he wasn’t trying to kill the officers.