PENNSLYVANIA (WHTM) — After many days of hazardous air quality, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued a Code Orange in the area for Friday, June 9.

After issuing a Code Red on both Wednesday and Thursday, the DEP states that Code Orange means the residents are encouraged to reduce outdoor activities, especially those who are vulnerable or have sensitivities from particulate matter.

The DEP states that the smoke from Canadian wildfires is the main contributor to the poorer-than-normal air quality, with particulate matter of 2.5 micrometers being the specific source. The weather pattern causing the poor air quality is anticipated to move out of Pennsylvania over the weekend.

Over the last few days, the air quality was in the unhealthy to hazardous ranges of the Air Quality Index, causing residents to endure a thick haze and smell from the smoke.

A code orange means that the index ranges between 101 and 150. You can see your local area’s air quality by clicking here.

As of 10 a.m., the air quality in the Harrisburg area is in the moderate category, with the short-term trend being stable over the last 30 minutes.