SUMMERDALE, Pa. (WHTM) — At the age of three, Katie Minium was diagnosed with a rare childhood disease that affects the brain and other parts of the body.

“At the age of 14, not having a lot of independence, she can’t do a lot of things that her friends are doing, so at least this is something she can do,” said Mary Fox, Katie’s mother.

Thanks to Variety, a children’s charity, Katie was able to finally take her new bike for a ride in the parking lot.

“The kids were fitted a while back and then when the pandemic hit, it kind of threw everything back and we as a board got together and decided that we had to get this equipment out to kids,” said board member Mickey Sgro.

“When we finally got the email saying that today was the day, she was extremely excited to see her bike, extremely excited to take it home and we’ll be out and about,” said Fox.

The adaptive bikes are pulley-driven, allowing the child to easily pedal the bike. Each bike comes custom made for each child.

“Just the fact that she can actually push it uphill a little bit was amazing and the fact that she was able to steer it, she’s got good control there, it’s just absolutely amazing,” said Fox.

Katie usually gets pushed in a stroller when her family goes on walks but her new bike will allow her to gain a little more independence.

“Instead of sitting on a porch watching kids ride by on their bikes, now they’re able to get out there and participate, just like any other kid,” said Sgro.

Since 2012, Variety has given out 3,500 bikes, strollers, and communication devices to kids in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.