HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania’s largest gun show promoter is now banning ‘ghost gun kits’ from its gun shows.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced the move on Monday. He touted the deal made with Eagle Arms Productions, saying it will help stop crime.

“Ghost gun kits,” or 80% lower receivers, are unassembled gun-making kits that don’t have traceable serial numbers. Buyers also don’t have to pass a background check to get them.

Director of Ceasefire Pa. Adam Garber says that makes them dangerous.

“Because they don’t have to follow existing gun safety laws like background checks and they’re untraceable, it means they’re quickly becoming the weapon of choice for people who want to harm others in violent crimes,” Garber said.

Not everyone agrees with that, or Eagle Arms’ decision to ban them from their shows, like Kurt Green who is the manager at Staudt’s Gun Shop.

“You can not buy an 80% lower out of a box and discharge rounds from it. It takes a considerable amount of effort, considerable access to tooling. Considerable access to mechanical knowledge that you will need for that gun to function,” Green said. “Lots of things out there that are a lot more dangerous that you could purchase at Home Depot.”

Kim Stolfer, the President of Firearms Owners Against Crime and a Second Amendment advocate, is behind the gun promoter’s decision.

“They’re watching a responsible businessman say that ‘I do not want to be part of a criminal enterprise that’s conveying lethal weapons to the market,'” Stolfer said.

He doesn’t support a ban on all of those 80% receiver gun kits though.

“That’s basically saying to everyone out there that enjoys doing that that government doesn’t trust them, and that’s the basis for gun control. Should it be self-regulated? Yes,” Stolfer said.

Green says the move goes too far and it takes away from law-abiding gun owners instead of criminals.

“80% firearms mainly fall under the category of hobbyists who are looking to enjoy and build their own firearms,” Green said. “A person with bad intentions will get a firearm or get a weapon in any way, shape, or form that they can.”

Garber says this is a great step but they want more to be done.

“We need other gun show promoters to follow Eagle Arms’ suit, but we also need the Biden administration to finish the job and order the ATF to treat those guns just like every other firearm. And what that would mean is you can no longer buy them on the internet which is still an option, and other sources,” Garber said.