BLOOMSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A woman in Bloomsburg adopted a rescue dog named Ella from The Animal Resource Center, but this was not just any regular adoption.

The center stated that Ella was a resident for the last seven years, making her the center’s longest resident.

Recently, a woman named Kaitlyn emailed the adoption center about being interested in adopting Ella. Katlyn told the center that her dog, Jo, passed away a few months prior and that she was ready to get another dog.

According to the center, when Ella saw Kaitlyn, the staff knew that Ella had found her “person”. Ella has had a history of fear and aggression and would need multiple visits for her to get comfortable with strangers. This was not the case with Kaitlyn, as Ella allowed her to give scratches and pets right away.

During the end of the showing, the staff noticed Kaitlyn was getting emotional and kept looking at Ella’s neck, which had a bandana. Kaitlyn then told the staff that the bandana Ella was wearing was Jo’s because she donated it to the center after Jo had passed. Ella was wearing the bandana Kaitlyn’s old dog used to wear.

“I like to think of it as Jo’s stamp of approval,” Katilyn told the center.

After seven years and this emotional visit, Ella finally got adopted.

“Every morning, Ella use to pop up off her bed and greet you at the door of her kennel right away,” said the Animal Resource Center. “We’ll miss that tomorrow, it’ll be such a bittersweet moment realizing that as we pause to reflect on a few of our favorites times with Ella- but my goodness the amount of pure happiness we will feel everyday knowing Ella finally got what she deserved: ELLA GOT ADOPTED.”