Pa. (WKBN) – The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is banning three invasive plants.

Ravenna grass, glossy buckthorn and common buckthorn have been added to the list of noxious weeds and can no longer be legally sold or cultivated in the state.

“Ravenna grass will be really recognizable to people it’s a very popular landscaping plant because it’s kind of large and dramatic,” said Shannon Powers, press secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Powers says the three plants were brought to Pennsylvania at some point because they were attractive plants, resistant to disease and very hearty.

“These are not native plants, they don’t really belong here and the same reasons that made them popular made them invasive,” she said. “They choke out natural habitats, for both wildlife and for native plants, and so they create long term problems and some of them are very, very hard to eradicate after that problem after they’ve been established.”

It is recommended that anyone who may already have these plants on their property remove them for an alternative.

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“We’re also really recommending that you take the time when you’re adding plants to your landscape, or to your garden, take the time to research the plant,” Powers said.

Powers said the ban takes effect on February 7, and there are other plants that have recently been banned. You can find out more information on that here.