HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Pennsylvania State Law Enforcement Citizen Advisory Commission announced the release of recommendations to improve Commonwealth law enforcement on Thursday, July 28.

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and the Pennsylvania State Police have released responses to these recommendations

“This Commission of citizens from across the commonwealth have worked hard to examine policing practices in Pennsylvania, and the reports issued today demonstrate their expertise and commitment to improving public safety,” said Deputy State Inspector General and Commission Chairperson, Sha S. Brown. “PSP and DCNR have responded to the Commission’s work by taking head-on the challenge of implementing these recommendations, and this partnership between citizens and law enforcement has produced real changes for the good of citizens and police alike.”

Both DCNR and PSP have provided plans to implement the Commission’s recommendations. As quoted in the press release, the agencies have made numerous enhancements to their law enforcement policies. such as:

  • Reasonable Force – Both PSP and DCNR have taken great strides to implement the Commission’s Reasonable Force recommendations. PSP has amended its policy and expanded its definition of reasonable force and reasonable belief. DCNR has similarly included the Commission’s recommendation into a revised Use of Force Policy, which is now in final review before approval and implementation.
  • Rendering Aid – PSP expanded the language in its existing policy requiring members to render aid as soon as it is safe to do so and to request an ambulance or other transportation service, when necessary.
  • Use of Force – PSP expanded its policy which limits shooting at or from a moving vehicle, to be consistent with the best practices recommended by the Commission, by providing additional specific guidance for Troopers, including specific safety considerations that must be evaluated by Troopers when deciding to use force.
  • Disciplinary Process Improvements – PSP issued updated guidance which reinforced that disciplinary adjudicators should evaluate the totality of a member’s actions related to an incident under their review to ensure all conduct is considered and consistent with PSP’s general conduct standards.

Governor Tom Wolf created the Commission in 2020 by Executive Order. Voting members include one representative from each of PSP’s current 15 Troop geographic areas and six citizen members chosen at large.

For more information and to read the annual report, click here.