HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Shamrock Café in Lancaster is a local favorite. Like many businesses in the city, the bar temporarily closed during the pandemic.

“We’ve been doing pretty good. we bounced back but there is a lot of bars that I heard didn’t make it and they closed,” Danielle Logan, manager at the Shamrock Café, said.

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From staffing shortages to supply shortages, Shamrock can’t catch a break.

“For instance this week, we put in for a couple bottles of Jack Daniels and we got none because the liquor houses don’t have them,” Logan said.

Jack Daniels is one of 43 products on the list of restricted liquor sent out by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board yesterday— a result of what the board describes as a supply shortage beyond its control.

The board will begin rationing dozens of products Friday, Sept. 17.

The board says there will be a two-bottles-per-day purchase limit for customers at state stores and local bars, restaurants and other license holders.

The PLCB points to “sustained supply chain disruptions and product shortages” which have been plagued by the ongoing pandemic. The move will remain in place indefinitely.

In addition, the 43 items on the list of restricted products will not be available through store-to-store transfers starting Friday.

But the rationed items are just a small fraction of what is offered at state stores. The list contains specific types of champagne, bourbon, tequila, and whiskey.

Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage and Tavern Association said the limits will make it more difficult for members to run their businesses and hopes the legislature will take a look at this when they return to Harrisburg in one week.