HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission says it’s on track with its expectations after initiating toll-by-plate 10 months ago.

But E-ZPass is still the preferred method, and only about 15% of its customers use toll-by-plate.

In January, E-ZPass rates increased by 6%, while there was a 45% hike for toll-by-plate.

“Some customers who have E-ZPass can save a much as nearly 60% on their tolls over a toll-by-plate and so that’s an important distinction and that’s a key reason we continue to see more and more people sign up for E-ZPass instead of a toll-by-plate,” Pa. Turnpike spokesperson Carl Defebo said.

The commission says it has collected 95% of all revenue from customers. They have the authority to suspend vehicle registration if a driver has a number of unpaid toll-by-plate invoices.