(WHTM) — There are many jobs that remain open due to a lack of qualified candidates. Now a partnership between Google and state school gives students a way to boost their resume and be ready to fill those jobs in just a few months.

Governor Josh Shapiro is committed to the expansion of workforce development, and his announcement of a new partnership between Google and the Pennsylvania state system of higher education is an example of that.

“We are creating a direct pipeline for Pennsylvania students to get on the path of success right out of the gate allowing you to chart your course,” said Shapiro.

This partnership offers PASSHE students the opportunity to learn skills that are needed for vacant jobs right now.

“This grows on a big foundation of what we call nondegree credentialing we do a bunch of it we’re going to do more of it it’s what students want it’s what employers need and it’s what you expect your public your state-owned public universities to do,” said Dan Greenstein, Chancellor, PASSHE.

Through the program, students can get training in fields such as Cybersecurity, data analytics, digital marketing, business intelligence, and more. Giving them a head start on other applicants.

“And you’re an undergraduate student or you’re a master’s degree student and you’re working towards your degree along the way you can engage in courses through which you can earn these certifications or Google certifications which means that you can sort of double down on your credential and the value that you bring into the workforce,” said Greenstein.

To complete this program students have to finish coursework and projects assigned to them through Google, They could be completed in 3-6 months, putting in 10 hours a week.

“It’s part of the growth with Google’s mission to provide opportunity and economic opportunity for Americans across the country and partnerships like this allow us to reach learners who can make the most of these opportunities and lean into local support through their university,” said Rob Magliaro, Education Lead for Google.