UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ)– Milkshakes are back at the Penn State Berkey Creamery just in time for the summer.

There are four different milkshake flavors that the creamery started selling Wednesday: Chocolate, Vanilla, Peachy Paterno and Bittersweet Mint, in just one size for $9.

It has been more than three years since the creamery has offered milkshakes because the COVID-19 pandemic created many obstacles, manager of sales and marketing James Brown wrote in an email to WTAJ.

“We want to bring this tradition back, while still maintaining the efficiency we have noticed without shakes,” Brown wrote. “Overall customer satisfaction is the key.”

Prices rose for ingredients, packaging, and utility plus there was an increase in sanitation requirements and staffing challenges during the pandemic leading to the hiatus of milkshakes.

Even though the creamery is back to selling milkshakes, there is a learning curve, because there are employees who have never made a milkshake due to a high student-staff turnover, but with new equipment, they are making the transition as smooth as possible.

“We have been fine-tuning the process to improve efficiency and safety,” Brown wrote. “Our new equipment is quieter, quicker, and safer to operate.”