UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WHTM) — Penn State Extension is offering its library of online courses at no cost through April.

“Tackling today’s problems to secure a better tomorrow has long been the mantra of Penn State Extension, and that holds true now when people are facing rapidly changing health, economic and social challenges,” said Brent Hales, director of Penn State Extension and associate dean in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

“Extension program team members live and work in the communities they serve, so they have vested interest in ensuring our products and services are available to help their fellow citizens. Offering free online programming is just one of the ways we are supporting our clients during this difficult time.”

Penn State Extension offers more than 55 online courses that can help individuals, families and businesses. These courses, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime, feature short videos, printable readings and knowledge-check questions to support learning. Some courses offer certificates, while others provide continuing education credits.

Food safety, nutrition and food preparation, best agricultural practices, horticulture, environmental stewardship, community involvement, business planning, and healthy families are among the many topics covered. Extension also offers an ever-growing library of real-time, free educational products, such as webinars and articles, that address today’s challenges.

“From the dairy production farmer to the backyard gardener, from parents seeking healthy meal ideas to civic leaders looking for information on community development, extension has resources available for everyone,” Hales said. “Penn State Extension is online, leading the way with practical, usable, science-based learning.”

To view offerings available under the special offer, visit

The deadline to register is April 30.