(WHTM) — Pennsylvania has the second-most bridges rated ” poor” out of any state in the country. There are nearly 500 bridges in the Midstate are in that category and PennDOT says not to worry.

“Just because they say poor doesn’t mean that there is something significantly wrong with that bridge that is putting them at jeopardy,” said Melissa Batula, Acting Executive Deputy Secretary for PennDOT.

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PennDOT says it’s been prioritizing the most urgent work.

“We’re looking at what’s the traffic that is using that route. again what is the condition of the bridge. a lot of different factors goes into what is going to make a regional priority. is it used by emergency management personnel? is it on a route to a hospital,” Batula said. 

While $1.6 billion from the federal government will help address some problem spots, it’s not enough for all of them, and them have outlived their intended longevity.

“The general design life that was considered for much of these bridges was 50 years. We can generally get more life of a bridge is around 75 years but it does depend on materials and maintenance,” she said.

If you would like a map of the bridges that be might affected in your area, you can go to: Bridge Conditions (penndot.gov).