ELYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Knoebels Amusement Resort is getting another classic attraction for its 2023 season.

The Bayern Kurve will be coming to the park sometime during the 2023 season, the park posted on its Facebook page. This attraction isn’t necessarily new, as it dates back to the 1960s, but the park is refurbishing it and will open it for the upcoming season.

Sixteen cars lined up front to back hold two passengers each and travel around a circular track,” said Knoebels’ Spokesperson Stacy Yutko. “Bayern Kurve will be the park’s fastest ride and is on track to debut this summer.

The ride under construction at Knoebels

According to the resort, the Bayern Kurve is a 32-passenger ride that can reach top speeds of 70 miles per hour. The ride has 16 cars lined front to back that can hold two passengers each. Three asynchronous electric motors provide 663 pound-feet of torque to accelerate the seven-ton train to top speed in a matter of seconds, the park stated.

The ride was manufactured 60 years ago back in 1963 by Schwarzkopf Industries. The ride will be located in the former spot of the 1001 Nacht attraction, next to the Skloosh splashdown ride. Parts from two Bayern Kurves will be refurbished to create the ride. One was from Indiana and the other had traveled around Europe.

The ride is only one of three that still operates to this day.

“We are that traditional amusement park,” said Brian Knoebel, 4th generation Knoebel family member. “Our niche is taking a ride from the past and utilizing our very talented team to bring the ride back to life so a whole new generation can enjoy and appreciate it.

The park is known for its line-up of classic rides, such as the classic Flying Scpotters, known as the Flyer, a classic Whipper, a classic Carrousel where guests can try to catch the brass ring, and many more.

The park opens for the season on Saturday, April 29.