PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — Pennsylvania is one place where there are many amusement parks scattered throughout the Commonwealth. Parks like Knoebles, Dorney Park, and others are synonymous with summer, thrills, and family fun.

Review sites give guests to these parks a way to voice their opinion. You can see reviews from people from around the world that visit these parks. In general, most amusement parks in the state have a rating of 4 stars or higher.

But, there are some reviews that you wonder if they are real or not. Some reviews say the park is so bad, that you wonder if the reviewer actually went to the park and had the experience they said they had.

abc27 has combed through many reviews to find some of the strangest reviews of amusement parks from around Pennsylvania. All reviews were from Google Reviews.

Knoebels Amusement Resort

One person really did not like the feeling of nostalgia but found it hampering their experience:

“I guarantee you that the only reason this park has ‘good’ marks is thanks to a bunch of folks willing to put on nostalgia blinders to re-live the lower-end parks of the early 70s,” the review said in part.

Another review has the same idea, but also noted the flooding that impacts the park on occasion:

“(If you) are still interested in carrying around tickets to go on the rides and buy food like it’s 1975 and wants to continue to go to a ‘park’ that gets completely flooded several times a year, this is for you,” part of the review said.

This reviewer found the layout of the park confusing:

“Map was very hard to read, The 4 hours I was there I spent about 3 hours and 20 minutes trying to find the rides and shops


This reviewer did not like the park having to do test runs of attractions:

“Only at Kennywood do they shut down a ride to clear a dead animal off of the tracks and then have to do multiple test runs on an extremely busy day.

This reviewer, in part, did not like some of the food offerings:

If you have a family, I recommend not staying after dark if you go at all. One star for the funnel cakes.

This person was upset due to the park becoming cashless, saying this regarding it:

“I adamantly oppose spending my money where accepting legal tender is such an inconvenience. A cashless society is a dark road and companies leading it won’t get another penny from me.

Dorney Park

This review appears to have come from a former employee of the park, who had this to say about the guests:

“The bane and source of almost all the rudest, most chaotic, evil customers I have ever had the displeasure to have to serve.” the review said in part.

A reviewer had something to say regarding the parks dining options:

“The food was ungodly expensive and tastes like hot garbage. If they allowed me to give zero stars I would in a heartbeat. They should change their name to Corney Park”

Lastly, this reviewer did not find any ice at the park during their visit.

“I will never step foot in ur amusement park again it was the worst experience in my life your food is trash u had no ice”