(WHTM) – A Pennsylvania lawmaker is joining the effort to simplify the unclaimed property return process for residents.

Rep. Marla Brown says she plans to introduce a bill that would “empower citizens of the commonwealth to resolve simple unclaimed property claims in a more efficient manner.”

Specifically, the bill would allow the Pennsylvania Treasury Department to verify, process, and automatically return single owner property valued up to $5,000.

Brown says the program would allow for “proactive and efficient return of unclaimed property.”

Property with multiple owners, with a higher value, or with a more complex claim would be handled under the current process that involves filing a claim.

Pennsylvania State Treasurer Stacy Garrity says she supports the legislation.

“This is a version of Pennsylvania Money Match, which I strongly support. Money Match, which the Senate passed unanimously in June, will be a huge step forward in our efforts to return unclaimed property to Pennsylvanians as quickly as possible by allowing Treasury to automate the process. Many people don’t know they have unclaimed property – and I want to get that money back to the hardworking Pennsylvanians that it belongs to, particularly while inflation continues to hurt families across the state. I applaud Rep. Brown for joining Senator John DiSanto and me in that effort.”

According to the Treasury, there is currently more than $4.5 billion in unclaimed property waiting to be claimed and 14 other states have a similar program.