HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania Revenue Secretary Pat Browne says the state collected $2.9 billion in General Fund revenue last month.

The revenue collected was about 0.9 percent less than anticipated, or $27.1 million.

During the fiscal year Pennsylvania has had $5.8 billion in General Fund collections, about $27.2 million below the estimate.

Below is a breakdown of tax revenue reported by the Department of Revenue:

  • Sales tax receipts: $1.2 billion
    • $53.1 million below estimate
    • Year-to-date sales tax: $2.5 billion, 2.1 percent less than anticipated.
  • Personal income tax: $1.2 billion
    • $23.3 million below estimate.
    • Year to date personal income tax: $2.2 billion, 1.0 percent less than anticipated
  • Corporation tax revenue: $138.6 million
    • $34.6 million above estimate
    • Year-to-date corporation tax: $326.8 million, 11.8 percent, above estimate.
  • Inheritance tax revenue: $128.7 million,
    • $7.6 million above estimate
    • Year-to-date: $256.6 million, 3.0 percent above estimate. 
  • Realty transfer tax: $60.6 million
    • $10.9 million below estimate
    • Year to date: $61.7 million. 15.0 percent less than anticipated. 

Other general fund tax revenue including cigarette, malt beverage, liquor, and gaming taxes totaled $148.9 million during August. The department says that was about $8.9 million below estimate.

Non-tax revenue totaled $86.5 million for the month, $26.8 million above estimate.

The Motor License Fund, also known as the gas and diesel taxes, received $282.9 million for the month, $8.6 million below estimate.