(WHTM) — The autumn months can be some of the driest for Pennsylvania, which brings an increase in the possibility of wildfires.

Multiple counties in central and western Pennsylvania have a “high” risk of wildfires starting as of Thursday, according to The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

The list ranks the risk of wildfire danger from low to extreme; at this time all counties are at either moderate or high risk.

Below are the following counties in the Midstate under a “high” risk:

  • Franklin County
  • Cumberland County
  • Perry County
  • Juniata County
  • Mifflin County

According to the DCNR, the months when the risk of wildfire danger is the highest are in March, April, May October, and November. The statistics for the state show that 99% of wildfires are caused by people.

In the fall, there are dry leaves on the ground paired with the stronger winds and even the bare trees are factors that lead to the start of wildfires.

More information about wildfire danger in Pennsylvania and how to prevent it can be found online at the DCNR’s website.