PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — You may have seen some native Pennsylvania birds make their way back to the Midstate over the last few weeks. Many are starting to create their nests to lay eggs.

But, have you noticed that every bird has a different color egg?

The Pennsylvania Game Commission states that the science of eggs is not that complicated.

The commission stays scientists have studied bird eggs for years, but still can’t figure out why eggs are different colors. But, the Game Commission says they have a theory as to why bird eggs are different colors.

Different colorings on eggs protect them during season temperature fluctuations. Eggs with darker pigments will maintain heat longer than lighter color eggs. The commission also says that the darker pigments are linked to a higher shell strength.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission also says that the pattern of color on the eggs offers camouflage for some species.

As quoted in a game commission post, here are some fun facts about wild bird eggs!

  • In birds, eggshell production takes place mainly at night.
  • Up to 10% of the calcium used for shell formation can come from the female’s bones.
  • Yolk size depends on if a chick is hatched with or without downy feathers.
  • Regardless of an egg’s position, the yolk rotates so the embryo always floats to the top during development.