HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Four new laws were signed into effect across Pennsylvania by Governor Shapiro Wednesday

The bills (HB 156HB 157HB 735, and SB 694) deal with fireworks, flood insurance, fertilizer, and even buying organic foods at the grocery store.

Retailers who sell fireworks in the commonwealth must adhere to regulations that were set in 2006 by the National Fire Protection Association, but SB 694 removes that.

“An individual or entity which performs, provides or supervises consumer fireworks or display fireworks displays or exhibitions for profit shall register annually with the attorney general in accordance with 37 pa. Code ch. 711 (relating to registration for fireworks displays). A certificate of registration issued by the Attorney General shall be provided upon request by law enforcement officials.”

HB 156 amends errors that were implemented under SB 251 when that was passed and signed in July.

“An example of one such error is found in Section 6813(b), where it states that no person may apply fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorus to turf between December 15 and March 1, unless it is applied by a certified applicator,” State Rep. Eddie Pashinski (D- Luzrene) wrote in his memo. “Since there are no certified applicators, legislation is needed to correct this error and allow citizens to apply fertilizer, but at a reduced rate.”

Since 2019, the PA Preferred® Organic Program has been helping farmers by highlighting which products at the grocery store come from them, and HB 157 would add to that

“Under our legislation, the Pennsylvania Preferred Organic Program would be established in statute in addition to the Pennsylvania Preferred Program,” according to the bill’s sponsors Pashinski and State Rep. Maureen Madden (D-Monroe). “Consumers continue to increasingly demand local products, including organic products. The program would be voluntary for organic producers and any producers interested in transitioning to organic production. The program would not compete with other Pennsylvania producers but would instead further enhance Pennsylvania’s brand recognition and ensure the PA Preferred trademark is leveraged fairly across all production methods.”

“Products that earn the PA Preferred Organic brand will give consumers confidence they are getting a quality product that meets the high standards they expect,” Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding said. “The Shapiro Administration is working with the legislature to help build consumer confidence in locally-grown products, so that Pennsylvania organic farmers continue to grow their businesses’ bottom lines and keep Pennsylvania on top.”

Flood insurance has become something that Pennsylvania homeowners are required to have when it used to be optional. This has made it harder for some to get by, but HB 735, which was introduced by State Rep. Perry Warren (D-Bucks), would try to give some assistance by creating a Flood Insurance Premium Assistance Task Force.

“The task force would issue recommendations regarding potential programs that provide premium discounts, programs that incentivize local governments to support flood mitigation efforts and the implementation of any necessary changes to state statute or policy regarding the administration of flood insurance.”

More information regarding the laws signed by Shapiro can be found by clicking here.

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