HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A Pennsylvania House committee approved a bill that would require PennDOT to process paperwork in 90 days or else the “job is free.”

On September 19 the House Transportation Committee passed House Bill 2638 on party lines 15-10.

According to the cosponsor memo, the bill “requires PennDOT to correctly process title/registration work within 90 days of initial receipt. Work that is not properly processed after 90 days will be eligible for a refund of PennDOT title and registration fees.”

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Representative John Lawerence (R-Chester/Lancaster) says “the hope would be that this initiative will force systemic changes at PennDOT to provide better customer service to the motoring public.”

The proposed five page bill says PennDOT must process an application submitted within 90 days or else they must refund the applicant. If there are issues with the application, PennDOT must notify the applicant requesting more information.

If a refund is needed, PennDOT must issue the refund within 30 days of the application being approved.

The full bill can be read below:

A report would also be issued by PennDOT to the House and Senate Transportation Committees outlining the average process time for applications, number of refunds, average refund amount, the total amount of refunds, and other information at the discretion of the department.