(WHTM) — Pennsylvania is making more forms of the opioid overdose reversal medication naloxone available. This is an update to the state physician general’s standing order which requires pharmacies to make naloxone available without a prescription.

“Naloxone can save a life,” Pennsylvania physician general Dr. Denise Johnson said. “You really don’t know when you’re going to encounter someone who might be experiencing an overdose ,and so we just have to be ready at all times.”

As part of an effort to get life-saving medicine into everyone’s hands, Dr. Johnson is urging pharmacies to carry different forms of naloxone.

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“We’ve also added a higher dose nasal spray,” she said.

Naloxone can reverse an opioid overdose. Under Dr. Johnson’s standing order, pharmacies have to dispense it without a prescription, including a new injectable form — a “non-pre-filled syringe with vials.”

“The injectable is sort of like an epi-pen and so some people are used to using that,” Dr. Johnson said.

Dr. Johnson and other officials said they want to make getting and using naloxone as easy as possible.

“If people have easy access to it, they’ll come get it. If they have to call in or go get a prescription, do whatever, it’s going to make it a little more difficult,” owner of Hershey Pharmacy Chuck Kray said.

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Hershey Pharmacy is one of the many locations people can get naloxone, but Kray has a more personal connection. His nephew struggled with addiction.

“[He] has had multiple bouts with having to use naloxone to save his life,” Kray said.

Now, Kray’s nephew is in recovery. He is working, is engaged to be married and has been clean for a few years. Kray said that is what naloxone does — it gives people time.

“It’s not going to cure that underlying need that they have but it’s going to give them time to deal with it and outgrow it,” he said.

Dr. Johnson added, “You really can’t enter recovery if you don’t survive your overdose.”

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An easy way to access naloxone is to get it at a local pharmacy. Kray said most insurance companies will cover the cost. People who are uninsured can get naloxone free in the mail or through some community organizations.

For more information on how to access naloxone, click here.