PARADISE TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WBRE/WYOU) – Pennsylvania State Police have a man in custody they say intentionally drove his vehicle off a cliff with his girlfriend in the car.

Pennsylvania State Police said they responded to a report of a car hanging off a cliff at 8:43 am on August 28 in Monroe County. The vehicle ultimately drove off the cliff and crashed along the roadway.

Upon arriving on the scene of the crash, investigators said Errol R. Broomes, the driver, and an unidentified woman, a passenger, were still in the vehicle.

When troopers interviewed the woman, they said she told them Broomes, her boyfriend, attempted to kill her by hitting her in the head with a rock and driving his car off a cliff with both of them in it.

According to the report, Broomes was detained and he and the woman were transported to the hospital.

Broomes was charged with attempted homicide, kidnapping to inflict injury or terror, aggravated assault, as well as other related charges.

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He is being held in Monroe County Prison with a $500,000 monetary bail.