(WHTM) – Guadenzia Addiction Treatment and Recovery Services has released its annual report for Pennsylvania and says there’s good and bad news.

Gaudenzia breaks down the data on drug addiction and treatment in Pennsylvania, as well as Delaware, Maryland, and D.C.

This year, it says the numbers show more people are being admitted to treatment programs, but also more people are completing it.

Now, Gaudenzia says the challenge is to turn that data into a tool that can help fight substance abuse on a larger scale.

Dale Klatzker, president of Gaudenzia said, “We see the frontline report as a key part of our mission to inform government leaders, law enforcement authorities about what we are seeing on the frontlines in our fight against addiction.”

Gaudenzia is a non-profit organization that’s been working to help treat drug addiction since 1968.

It has nine facilities in the Midstate.