(WHTM) – Pennsylvania Congressman Dan Meuser is reportedly considering a run for Speaker of the House.

According to a report from The Hill, Meuser floated a run during a closed-door meeting on Friday.

“I come from the business world and I plan to bring, if I run, a business perspective to things and gain consensus and do the things that are necessary in order to get 217 votes,” Meuser told reporters.

Meuser represents Pennsylvania’s 9th Congressional District, which includes 12 counties that stretch from the Northern Tier in Bradford and Susquehanna counties down to Lebanon County.

Elected to his third term in 2022, Meuser previously served as Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Revenue under Governor Tom Corbett. Meuser is running for a fourth term in 2024.

Republicans abruptly dropped Rep. Jim Jordan on Friday as their nominee for House speaker, making the decision during a closed-door session after the hard-edged ally of Donald Trump failed badly on a third ballot for the gavel.

The outcome left Republicans dejected, frustrated and sinking deeper into turmoil, another week without a House speaker bordering on a full-blown crisis. House Republicans have no realistic or working plan to unite the fractured GOP majority, elect a new speaker and return to the work of Congress that has been languishing since hard-liners ousted Kevin McCarthy at the start of the month.

Afterward, Jordan said simply of his colleagues, “We put the question to them, they made a different decision.”

The hard-charging Judiciary Committee chairman said House Republicans now need to come together and “figure out who our speaker is going to be.”