HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A resolution urging Congress to permanently switch to daylight saving time, eliminating semiannual clock changes, was approved by the Senate State Government Committee on Monday, April 24.

Senator Scott Martin (R-Berks/Lancaster) introduced the resolution, claiming negative consequences come with switching the clocks such as accidents, health problems, and lower productivity.

“Changing the clocks is an archaic practice that hurts our communities far more than it helps. We see more heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents in the weeks following the time change. It is far past time to put an end to this practice and support a healthier and more productive Pennsylvania,” Martin said.

Approval from the federal government is required to remove daylight-saving time transitions.

According to Martin’s office, at least 450 bills and resolutions have been introduced in recent years to permanently switch to daylight saving time once federal law allows it. Currently, Hawaii and Arizona are the only two states that are exempt from daylight saving time.

The practice of daylight saving time originated in World War I as a way to save fuel and was briefly reintroduced in World War II. Daylight saving time was introduced to the entire country after President Johnson signed the Uniform Time Act of 1966.