SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A bug infestation has taken over a Lackawanna County senior apartment complex. People who live there say it’s been a problem for nearly a year and they’re tired of begging apartment managers to get rid of them once and for all.

People living inside Washington West High-Rise Senior Apartments in Scranton tell 28/22 News Reporter Gianna Galli cockroaches and other insects are taking over their living space and they’re frustrated more hasn’t been done.

28/22 News was able to obtain images from Scranton residents which showed the recent, but unwelcomed guests inside their apartments.

“They are on me in the morning. I get up they are crawling on me. They are in my dog’s dish. In the microwave,” said Scranton resident Joseph Vidal.

Cockroaches, Vidal claims he’s seen hundreds of them at a time inside his apartment.

“A week? I would say about 500,” Vidal added.

A letter that was sent to the residents last week from the Scranton Housing Authorities (SHA) reads as follows.

To all residents, SHA will be working with Orkin Exterminator on roach infestation in the building. Each week, 10 apartments will be notified by maintenance the date you will be treated and the prep for the treatment. This is a serious issue, if you don’t comply, SHA will charge you $25 and consequence of eviction as per management.

Scranton Housing Authorities

Leeann Fuller and other residents say the exterminators did come by to spray apartments but things are only getting worse.

“I have severe anxiety and believe me it flairs. I’m afraid to sleep at night that one is going to come crawling over me or my dog. they are spraying and aren’t doing anything about it, it just keeps getting worse,” said Fuller.

The SHA says, they’re well aware of the problem, but they’re taking a methodical approach to getting rid of the pests.

“If there is a problem, alert the manager that way we can get right in that apartment and treat it. Otherwise, we are going to go room by room and attack it that way. Unfortunately, we do admit it’s a problem right now but we will take care of it,” said SHA Executive Director Karl Lynott.

Until that, cleaning could take place residents are being asked to not take matters into their own hands because it can potentially cause an even worse situation.

“Don’t use a smoker or traps or anything. The professionals will handle that,” said Lynott.

Lynott says they are not denying there is a problem and that alongside working with exterminators they have a plan to fix it, but say it will take at least a few weeks.