PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — Pennsylvania State Senator Katie Muth says that cardiac arrest can happen without symptoms or warning signs. Muth introduced two bills that address sudden cardiac arrest, and she wants schools across the state to be prepared.

Senate Bill 512 would require that each school building in the state has at least one automated external defibrillator (AED) placed in a central, accessible location. It would also require school districts to create emergency action plans and certified emergency response teams.

Senate Bill 513 would require all coaches of athletic teams and supervisors of after school activities to become CPR and AED certified.

According to Muth, Pennsylvania is one of the only states that doesn’t mandate AEDs in all school buildings. The bill would help track which schools have AEDs.

“After nine years, it’s become very apparent there are many gaps in the data collection and reporting requirements, like there is in every part of government unfortunately. The data is scattered, and we would like to streamline that to make sure the reporting standards are better and that there’s actually accountability if a school does not have an AED,” explained Muth.

The bill would also require at least 10% of school personnel in each building to be members of the Emergency Response Team, as well as be certified in CPR and AED training.