PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — With the news of the latest mass shooting comes reaction and emotion.

Philadelphia-based therapist Mark Sigmund with Retreat Behavioral Health, states that constant exposure to traumatic events can trigger vicarious trauma or desensitize others.

Vicarious trauma is having a response to something not specifically happening to you. On the other hand, constant exposure has caused some to think that it is the new normal.

Sigmund states whatever the response, make sure to balance what you ingest.

For parents, it doesn’t always mean sitting your child down to tell them what happened, but to let them know you are a safe and listening ear.

“Letting them know that you are that safe place that they can go to with their feelings, is crucial. You want your kids to have that trust that they’re going to go to you if they are feeling scared, or sad,” Sigmund said.

Sigmund also says for older children or parents that may struggle, finding positive outlets surrounding a traumatic event, like a donation drive, can help you feel like you are making a difference.