(WHTM)– If fishing is one of your favorite fall activities, there are plenty more fish out there for you to reel in right now.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) added hundreds of rainbow trout to Quittie Creek in Lebanon County.

Those who help put the fish into the water say that while the first day of trout season is a big deal every spring, but fishing for trout this time of year is different, in a really cool way.

“Fall fishing is sort of an individual experience rather than the first day of trout where you go to camp, you have your kids and family and friends,” Stocking volunteer Chuck Swanderski said. “So, I sort of enjoy fall fishing, just to get out on the stream and forget about all the stuff that’s going on and just focus in on catching some fish.”

The PFBC is stocking about 100 waterways across Pennsylvania with trout this fall much less than it does for the spring trout fishing season.