HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvanians are taking road trips at a lower rate than other Americans so far during the Christmas/New Year’s travel period, according to an exclusive analysis for ABC27 News.

But they’re traveling more than they themselves traveled during the Thanksgiving travel period.

“Pennsylvania’s kind of this ‘jump ball’ between the Midwest, where we’ve seen a really quick return to travel … and the northeast, where we’ve seen the lockdowns have a dramatic effect throughout the entire pandemic,” said Cree Lawson, the CEO of Arrivalist, a travel data firm, which provided the analysis. “You never know which way Pennsylvania is going to go.”

According to the data, 44% fewer road trips (defined as trips more than 50 miles from home) occurred in Pennsylvania from Dec. 18 through Christmas Day, the most recent day for which full data was available Monday. The equivalent national figure is 30-percent.

On the other hand, Pennsylvanians have reduced their usual travel by less during these holidays than they did during Thanksgiving when they took 50% fewer road trips (compared to that 44% figure so far during this travel period).

Americans, too, reduced their Thanksgiving travel by more than their Christmas/New Year’s travel so far: a 35% decline for Thanksgiving, compared to the 30% figure for this travel period.

Even in non-pandemic times, the Christmas/New Year’s travel period can be more difficult than Thanksgiving to compare from one year to another, because Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on different days of the week each year; the travel period can be more compressed or extended, depending on when they fall.