ALLENTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) — The first piece of track for the region’s first dive roller coaster arrived at Dorney Park on Thursday, Oct. 19.

The piece of track is for Iron Menace, which is the first new coaster built at Dorney Park in 19 years. The first piece of track that arrived on site was a portion of the station. It represents the first of 68 truckloads of steel track.

When the track was secured on the site where the coaster will be built, team members from the park draped a Phillies flag on the piece of track, confirming that Iron Menace is a Phillies fan.

The coaster, which will open in 2024, will feature a 152-foot first drop, angled at 95 degrees. Riders will then soar through four inversions along 2,200 feet of track and reaching speeds of 64 miles per hour

Iron Menace will boast the first-ever tilted loop on a dive coaster and also feature a zero-gravity roll, Immelmann, and a corkscrew.