EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — PPL announces to its customers that the default rate they pay for electricity will be increasing.

According to PPL, beginning June 1 the default rate, also known as the price to compare, is increasing.

PPL officials say if you use 1,000 kWh of electricity a month, which is about average, your bill will go up by about $34.

PPL Electric Utilities stated they update the default rate twice a year based upon competitive auctions. They informed that an auction was completed and purchased power for consumers at the lowest rate available.

Tracie Witter, Regional Affairs Director for PPL electricity explains inflation and global economic events are impacting the default rate increase.

“The rate will go up to 12.366 cents per kilowatt-hour. That’s an increase from 8.941 cents,” stated Tracie Witter.

PPL says they don’t own the power plants that supply electricity. Witter explains that a lot contributes to their rates.

“Right now we’re seeing the cost of inflation. The rising cost of energy supply sources such as natural gas impacts the cost of our energy supply,” explained Witter.

Then it goes to the PA Public Utility Commission, which must approve the new rates.

“We already are struggling with paying PPL, I mean you know it’s enough for us already and we certainly don’t want the rates to go up,” explained Maryanne Kennedy, a PPL customer.

“I’ll definitely shop around. I’m very glad I don’t have electric heat. Other than that there’s not a whole lot you can cut back on,” stated Mary Wagner, a PPL customer.

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In December of 2021 homeowners who have PPL Electric got hit hard. PPL raised its residential rate by 26%. That meant electricity went from 7 cents to 9 cents per kilowatt.

The PA Public Utility Commission oversees the rules related to their price to compare rates. They approve these changes then it has 30 days before it goes into effect.

There are several ways to help reduce your electricity bill. PPL suggests lessening the impact on your bill by:

  • Spread out costs: budget billing program evens out the bills over 12 months and makes payments more predictable.
  • Saving energy: with their tips, programs, and rebates available to help on the PPL website.

The current rate is 8.941 cents by June it will rise to 12.366 cents.

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