PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM)– Concert tickets can be purchased from multiple websites, including third-party reseller sites, with prices much higher than face value.

Some say that needs to change. Buying concert tickets online should be easy, but many times, all the good seats are purchased by bots.

“They’re going to do is actually just buy them all right up preventing an actual human consumer from really actually having that opportunity to purchase and then they’re going to put them out into a resale platform and charge an exorbitant higher percentage above the market list price of that ticketing event,” said State Rep. Steve Malagari, from Montgomery County.

And now state Representative Malagari hopes his newly proposed legislation “House Bill 1378” will prevent this.

“They should have the right as an entertainer as a venue to say we want to make sure that our customers are happy that the experience is good so if they can come back and enjoy it again as an entertainer you’d want that there’s a venue you’d want that and as a reseller, you want to make sure that that continued customer presence is on their site as well,” said Malagari.

The bill would prevent scalpers from using software to purchase items over the internet in bulk for resale, which is easier said than done.

“It’s really hard to make that differentiation right now, and that’s where law enforcement has to come in and that’s where tech companies will need to assist in this, and also the venues along with the entertainers will need to make sure that they have the ability to identify it’s as well really on the resale platforms that need to make sure that they’re doing the right thing,” said Malagari.

If this bill becomes law, this could save you money and make purchasing concert tickets easier.