(WHTM)– The remains of Army Corporal Francis James Jury were identified last year, but his family now has the closure they’ve been waiting decades for.

“I feel relief from my family especially my grandmother’s generation who remember him. I obviously never met him, but it’s just nice that my family can have some closure,” great-nephew Justin Bolan said.

The remains of Army Corporal Francis James Jury, who fought the Korean War were laid to rest Wednesday At Indiantown Gap National Cemetery.

“Our country goes on because of them we’re here we’re free to assemble here free the gather free to speak right now it’s you because of them and we continue all because of their sacrifice,” Director of Indiantown Gap National Cemetery John Spruyt said.

The Clearfield County native was reported missing in action on Dec. 2, 1950. Following the battle, his remains could not be recovered and there was no evidence he was a prisoner of war, but North Korea returned his remains in 2018 and they were identified in 2022.

“Nobody should ever be forgotten,” said Bolan.

To this day, more than 7,500 Americans still remain unaccounted for from the Korean War.

“We are still here because of their sacrifice we treat our dead military better than most countries treat their living military. We never forget so our country will not rest until they’re all brought home our country,” said Spruyt.

And for the family, it’s about remembering their legacy,

“Just it’s nice to know that their sacrifice won’t go more 60,000 veterans are buried at Indiantown Gap cemetery,” said Bolan.