PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — On Tuesday, May 9, a report is set to be released to put a spotlight on some of the worst areas of Pennsylvania when it comes to global warming pollution. The report will include the “Dirty Dozen” for pollution, which includes a few counties in the Midstate.

The Penn Environment Research and Policy Center will release a new report that will rank the dirty dozen facilities that are causing the most global warming pollution in central Pennsylvania, as well as across the state.

The report will show how Harrisburg-region climate polluters compare to others across the commonwealth and how facilities in central Pennsylvania add to our state’s total global warming emissions.

This report comes as the US Environmental Protection Agency prepares to announce new standards for limiting carbon emissions from power plants in the coming weeks. The report includes additional recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Pennsylvania.

Facilities in York and Snyder counties are expected to be named some of the worst climate polluters in the state.