CRAWFORD COUNTY, Pa. (WJET/WFXP/ — The search for a missing Meadville woman continues as her parents are not giving up hope to bring her home.

Candice Caffas’ mother remains determined to find her daughter no matter how long it takes. The 34-year-old with special needs has been missing for over two months.

Law enforcement and volunteers have spent countless hours looking for her.

“We want her to come home,” said Carol Caffas, Candice Caffas’ mother.

Candice Caffas’ mother said volunteer crews are still going out every day looking for her and looking over maps for places they may not have checked yet.

“That we need to check and we are double checking and triple checking the same places a lot. We get any tips, we go and find out if it was her or not. We usually stay there until we find out,” said Caffas.

She said everybody has been helpful in the search.

“Get lots of ideas of where to go or where to look, where to put players, where to go talk to people,” Caffas added.

Law enforcement also has not given up the search for Candice; Pennsylvania State Police released the following statement:

“This missing case involving Candice Caffas is still open. We are asking the public to remain vigilant and contact the Meadville State Police with any information that may assist in locating Candice. The state police will continue to follow up on any creditable leads.”

Statement from Pennsylvania State Police

Candice’s mother said right now they are preparing for another search on Saturday.