HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — On Friday, Governor Josh Shapiro announced that more than $8 million in competitive Safe Schools Targeted grants for schools across Pennsylvania.

A total of 166 schools were awarded the grant, which will help create safer communities by purchasing safety equipment, implementing new programs, and hiring security personnel and school resource officers.

“Every student in Pennsylvania deserves a safe learning environment, and these Safe Schools Targeted Grants will help schools all across the Commonwealth invest in the resources and staff they need to keep students, teachers, and staff safe,” said Gov. Shapiro. “Students should be able to focus on learning and growing in the classroom, and my Administration will continue to work with our schools and local communities to ensure they have the support they deserve.”

The following Midstate schools will be receiving grants:

Equipment and/or Program Grant Awardees

PerryNewport SD$49,059.00
CumberlandShippensburg Area SD$50,000.00
DauphinSusquehanna Township SD$49,998.80
YorkYork City SD$49,514.00

IU Nonpublic Equipment and/or Program Awardees

AdamsIU 12 – Delone Catholic HS$47,672.00
AdamsIU 12 – Corpus Christi Catholic School$34,129.00
AdamsIU 12 – Freedom Christian$50,000.00
AdamsIU 12 – Christian School of York$50,000.00
AdamsIU 12 – Shalom Christian Academy$28,907.00
LancasterIU 13 – Kraybill Mennonite$49,976.20
LancasterIU 13 – Hinkletown Mennonite$17,430.00
LancasterIU 13 – Mt. Calvary$50,000.00
LancasterIU 13 – St. John Neumann Catholic$5,665.76
LancasterIU 13 – Dayspring Christian Academy$47,355.00
LancasterIU 13 – Janus School$49,624.93
LancasterIU 13 – Lititz Christian Day$27,250.50
LancasterIU 13 – Anchor Christian Academy$32,497.32
LancasterIU 13 – Linden Hall$42,000.00
LancasterIU 13 – Lancaster Mennonite$24,290.46
LancasterIU 13 – Lancaster Country Day$48,888.69
LancasterIU 13 – Stone Independent$10,562.43
BerksIU 14 – LaSalle Academy$18,055.00
CumberlandIU 15 – Merakey (Carlisle)$34,462.05
CumberlandIU 15 – St. Joan of Arc$49,867.23
CumberlandIU 15 – Merakey (Harrisburg)$41,861.45
CumberlandIU 15 – Seven Sorrows$36,067.50
CumberlandIU 15 – St. Stephens$49,997.85
CumberlandIU 15 – Hershey Christian$40,348.39

School Police Officer Awardees

LebanonEastern Lebanon County SD$66,426.20

School Resource Officer Awardees

CumberlandShippensburg Area SD$75,000.00
DauphinSwatara Township PD$75,000.00

The full list of schools can be found here.

“Our educators and school administrators work tirelessly each day to ensure that students’ social, emotional, and wellness needs are met, and this funding will further support the resources that schools have at their disposal,” said Acting Secretary of Education Dr. Khalid N. Mumin. “Providing comfortable learning environments that empower learners to achieve will ultimately lead them to infinite possibilities of success.”

A total of 43 local education agencies (LEAs) received equipment or program grants totaling $1.94 million, 20 received funding to hire school police officers totaling $1.4 million, and 20 LEAs received grants to hire school resource officers totaling nearly $1.5 million.

About $3.4 million was awarded to 83 nonpublic schools for equipment and programming.