GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Plum Run, a small stream in Gettysburg National Military Park, flows between two of the park’s most famous locations, Little Round Top and Devil’s Den, and it’s getting a makeover from Mother Nature.

Starting about two years ago, a pond started to form. The reason?

“A family of beavers have set themselves up at a very lovely location,” said Jason Martz, the Communication Specialist for the park.

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Since then, they’ve been living up to their reputation for the industry. “They have a dam here at the southern end of Plum Run at the base of Little Round Top,” said Martz. “And a series of other stages farther up.”

They’ve also built themselves a pretty substantial beaver lodge. It’s easily visible from Crawford Avenue, the road that parallels Plum Run. The only animals on and around the lodge while we were there, though, were geese and ducks. This is not surprising, since beavers are mostly nocturnal.

Park officials are taking a hands-off approach to the beavers.

“It’s their park as much as it is ours, so as you see it it is a very natural setting, and this is exactly what a beaver family would do. We’re not really in a place to do anything about it unless it causes cultural resource damage or floods the roads that are in the area,” Martz said.