(WHTM)– It was a historic election across Pennsylvania, from first-time women leaders in Philadelphia and Allegheny counties to some counties flipping from red to blue for the first time ever.

Dickinson College President John Jones is a former federal judge. He says D.C. Justices who overturned Roe Versus Wade more than a year ago impacted judge races in Pennsylvania Tuesday.

“I think that the Supreme Court of the United States, in ruling so starkly in the Dobbs case, handed a clear sort of cause to the Democratic Party nationally,” Jones said. “And it’s resonating. Apparently, a majority of people disagree with it.”

Democrats claimed courts, flipped counties, and are winning in the court of public opinion.

“When abortion is on the ballot, it wins,” executive director for Planned Parenthood PA Signe Espinoza said. “Our rights have been threatened.”

Espinoza was thrilled at Tuesday’s victories and promises more with abortion rights leading the way.

“We’re celebrating,” Espinoza said. “But really, all eyes on 2024, you know, this is just the beginning for us.”

The pro-life Pa. Family Institute pushes back saying a pregnant woman is two patients.

“With abortion clinics only one makes it out alive.  It’s the job of the pro-life community to convince our fellow citizens that we can and should love and protect them both – mother and child,” a statement from Pa. Family Institute reads.

“I’ve seen great election nights for the red side, and I’ve seen bad ones,” conservative commentator Jeffrey Lord said. “And this was so so.”

Lord is a Republican commentator and Donald Trump confidante. He concedes that politically republicans have an abortion problem.

“At the moment, it’s become a hot-button issue,” Lord said. “Democrats are pressing it and, you know, they it works for them. It does work for them.”

Weakness at the worst possible moment for the GOP. In less than a year battleground Pa. will have the president, US senate, congressmen, three statewide row officers, state house and senate on the ballot. Perhaps a party-wide course correction?

“I think Republicans have to be very careful about getting behind people’s bedroom doors,” Jones said. “I think I think that is a losing proposition ultimately for Republicans. I think the public doesn’t like it.”

As the public showed Tuesday night.

A lot can happen in the next year and until the next election but last night’s results have to have republican incumbent Senator John Disanto and Congressman Scott Perry a little uneasy as democrats made history in Dauphin County and they both will have well-funded and accomplished opponents.