(WTAJ) — Up, down, and all around. Pennsylvania hosts the oldest wooden roller coaster with Leap the Dips, but three other Pa. coasters just ranked top 10 in the country, according to USA Today.

Amusement rides come in all sizes, but the bigger, the more thrilling. From twists and turns to loops and zero-G, thrill seekers are dying for the best of the best.

In Pennsylvania, Kennywood, Hersheypark, and Knoebels have three of the best coasters in America!

Here are the 10 best coasters in the country.

  • 10: Emperor – SeaWorld San Diego
  • 9: Kingda Ka – Six Flags Great Adventure
  • 8: Phantom’s Revenge – Kennywood
  • 7: Goliath – Six Flags Over Georgia
  • 6: Skyrush – Hersheypark
  • 5: Steel Vengeance – Cedar Point
  • 4: Iron Gwazi – Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  • 3: Titan – Six Flags Over Texas
  • 2: Phoenix – Knoebels
  • 1: Mako – SeaWorld Orlando

If you love those stomach-churning ups and downs, Pennsylvania is the place for you!